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Values & Strategy


Our work is based on the respect for human dignity and on a Christian/Catholic ethos: faith, community, hope. We value honesty and trust as well as professionalism, accountability and teamwork. We strive to encourage and promote people in their development and self-actualisation, enabling them to be self-reliant - the best they can be.

Volunteer Ghana
Volunteer Ghana
Volunteer Ghana


  • Centre (Ahotokurom and Enyindakurom) providing growth and development opportunities: encouraging personal growth and independence, helping people to find their own way

  • Ahotokurom successfully operating as a Centre of Christian hospitality for the marginalised, disabled and disadvantaged

  • Young adults in the training centre receive training for sustainable independent living - aimed at gaining practical, interesting and useful skills

  • Providing education opportunities, in the broadest sense, providing/promoting skills, environmental/social responsibility and awareness

  • Ahotokurom seen as a "Model Provider" of effective and efficient "Social-Care-Services". To be the best in Ghana

  • Ahotokurom's "clients" gain empowerment and the skills/ability to take charge of their own lives in a sustainable way (this requires behaviour/attitude change, and elimination of dependence and a sense of entitlement)

  • All stakeholders engaged and involved

  • Good, well-trained, well motivated and effective management team in place



  • Continue to have a place for those whom society says there is no place, the marginalised and needy

  • Get/keep all stakeholders on board: use familiarisation and workshops to address education, sensitisation, engagement and involvement

  • Provide a unique Christian Caring Service which is long-term, sustainable and builds self reliance

  • Provide an environment that fosters and encourages collaboration and self reliance among the key stakeholders and offers growth opportunities to everybody involved

  • Human-Resources: ensure the right skills and right people are in place; keeping them happy; keeping them on board - Retention, Acquisition and Development (RAD)

  • Clarify the "Role & Responsibilities" of Ahotokurom with the DMJ African Province

  • Maintain/develop key fund-raising activities to ensure funding-continuity and income-generation


Strategic goals


  • To continue to provide a total high quality care for adult leprosy sufferers and others socially isolated and destitute.

  • To continue to maintain a high standard of care to each child who comes to the centre.

  • To establish and develop programmes which will help to empower especially the young people at Enyindakurom.

  • To establish a full time DMJ presence and an effective management structure at Enyindakurom.


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