PPRC Hostal

The PPRC Hostal is an up and coming project, with the development of the hostal's infrastructure taking place within the first the first three months. The estimated completion date is in 9 months time, with hostal consisting of 8 fully furnished rooms each fitted with a bathroom and kitchen. The project is funded by the daughters of Mary and Joesph organization and will provide a reliant and sufficient source of income for Padre Pio centre, enabling the expansion and development of the work carried out by the centre.




Ahotokurom Farm

The Ahotokurom farm was introduced in 2015 and has seen the production of corn, tomatoes, pineapples, and plantain. This has been used to supplement the source of food for the permanent residents of Ahotokurom, which has enabled PPRC to become more self-reliant. The produce of the farm is also sold to local businesses and street sellers in order to boost the local economy while also providing PPRC with another source of income.   




Water Tanks

Water Tanks are installed around the entire site of the Padre Pio Rehabilitation centre, various tanks retrieve fresh water from an underground well, which provides the centre with a sustainable source of water. The water tanks also reduced the utility bill, thus providing more income for the necessary work and care undertaken by the centre.





At PPRC we encourage self-reliance, sustainability, and resourcefulness, in order to carry out our philosophy, we have engaged in various projects that will enable us to lead by example and continue our work with more Independence.

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